Halvergate Marshes

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Next Meeting

7pm on the TBD at the Village Hall.



15th March 2018 - Reports of cold callers across the County
15th March 2018 - Acle and the surrounding villages Community Engagement Meeting
15th March 2018 - Cold callers pretending to be police officers to elderly and vulnerable residents
15th March 2018 - Op Randall Rural Crime Newsletter
17th February 2018 - Tunstall Church Clearance

Parish Plan Update

The SAM2 Speed Sign has been purchased and installed. For the first month it was installed at the entrance to Carr Close, looking out of the village. This enabled detection of vehicles speed as they first entered the village. Results to this first month can be found here

Can you help...

The Parish Council are in discussions with the Highways Department at Norfolk County Council with regard to the width of Wickhampton Road between the Dawdy's Court development and the Playingfield. It is well known that the road has been wider in the past but we do not have evidence of the fact. If you have any photographs of that road in days gone by or any other suitable documents could you email Rob Hayles using the Parish Councillors section of the website. Any evidence we can gather can only help with the Parish Councils efforts to make the road safer.