Halvergate Marshes

Reference to the ‘quality’ or ‘value’ rating given to 10 attributes of Parish life in the opening ‘General environment’ section of this report (again Table 1) shows ‘Ability to have your say and be represented’ in a relatively lowly sixth position. Indeed, this criterion came only 38th out of 67 in the list of ranking by ‘strength of agreement’.

This topic generated quite high levels of response to each of the more specific propositions put forward with a clear Important rating on all of them. The results shown below in Table 15 suggest there is a real desire among residents for more information about and more involvement in local government at the Parish level. (To all intents and purposes the first and second ranked statements are equal, their relative position in the table accounted for by a very small difference in their total ‘weighting’ scores resulting from the two fewer answers received back on the ‘Receiving reports’ proposition.)

Table 15 – ‘How important to you would the following be'?


More communication required to…

  1. Inform the community of the Parish Council’s role (including what it can and cannot do) and who serves on it; reporting meetings, advising of decisions and outcomes of representations
  2. Encourage attendance at PC meetings or making submissions via Councillors