Halvergate Marshes

16. What, if any, new or additional social, sporting or support activities would you or your family

  1. An Art group would be nice
  2. A Local Football Club Dance Lessons
  3. Keep fit opportunities. Gardening Club
  4. Ballroom Dancing Lessons
  5. Pilates / Yoga / Badminton
  6. Something happenning at Tunstall Pond, nothing related to religion or church, to bring Tunstall people together e.g. * Planting flowers/bulbs, to make it less stark * BBQ, bring food to share * Picnic (summer) also hot chocm soup & winter picnic with picnic benches & tables * Stocking pond with flora and fauna
  7. Pilates / Keep Fit / Music Events
  8. More activities for Women - aerobics, keep fit, yoga etc.
  9. Badminton Facility Better footpath network for country walking More permissive rights of way. We have noticed that the permissive paths are becoming more unusable and some have gone altogether
  10. Do not need new things, we need people to support the existing clubs in the village.
  11. Keep fit classes, socal meetings for the elderly residents now that the Happy Circle has dismantled.
  12. We attend lots of sporting activities at Freethorpe (Youth Football, Kong Chang - Martial Arts, Keep Fit). It would be nice to have some of these based on Halvergate. I would like a Pilates / Yoga / Zumba class in the village.
  13. Perhaps regular weekly or monthly car-boot sales.
  14. Any family or children based sports or activities
  15. Tennis club, showing films in Village Hall, drop in coffee mornings
  16. Youth Club - Pool table/games, internet availability etc
  17. Football club for 6 - 18 year olds
  18. Whatever is suggested only a minority would participate
  19. Anything that gets people out as a family or children away from a TV, computer or games console. Sports club during summer holidays inc Tag Rugby, Football, Tennis, Rounders, Horse riding?, cricket.
  20. Support more charity based events
  21. Tennis, Youth Sports/Club
  22. Golf, ballroom dancing
  23. Music Night
  24. Open parish council meeting dates published in advance. Parish council website and boards kept up to date
  25. Foorbal cleub, Café, Playgroup, Church open once a month, Art Group, Village Fete!
  26. A knit and chat group is a great way to bring people together of all ages (or as a craft hobby) A kids football team More fitness clubs at the playing field/village hall - Yoga, Aerobics?
  27. General interest events e.g. Talks, Concerts in Village Hall or playing field pavilion. Perhaps a keep fit group or walking group. Continue with coffee drop-ins but someone needs to offer to pay fo (or wave fees) for hiire if room - Chapel did. Need good advertising, have missed a couple of things.
  28. Football club for preschool to primary age would be great, along with exercise classes etc.
  29. Conservation Work
  30. Football, 5-A-Side
  31. Childrens play area that is not down an extremely dangerous narrow road with no footpath. Put it in a central location where parents are happy for their childre to visit on their own - having it in the middle of nowhere is scary and dangerous.
  32. Football in the Winter.
  33. In Acle there is a 'Helping Hand' organisation to help vulnerable people with visits, shopping, library books etc. I think it would help if other villages were included. Also a walking group for anyone interested.
  34. Would be nice to go for coffee and scone etc locally i.e. Village Hall, socially I know its volunters but I never know when its open.
  35. Childrens activities i.e. Socal Club
  36. More tennis courts - tennisnet fixed if at all possible as it was taken down in the summer. This is a great facility.
  37. Possible dance or fitness club?
  38. Hockey, yoga, Indoor fitness club
  39. Football
    More parking at the village hall to enable more people to attend events.
    More young people being involved on and using the village hall for events they want.
  40. A few bring and buy sales to raise money for organisation
  41. Would love to see a youth club as nothing really for children to do in village
  42. Keep fit classes / learn to dance / drama classe s / adult education. Things that would be suitable for all ages and to stimulate mind and body and bring more community feel to the area
  43. The playing field committee caters for any sporting or sicial activity which is required by the village. Take into consideration that this is a voluntary organisation, always needing hands-on help and not just 'talk'.
  44. Football team re-established. Vbillage walk, village picnic with music, more BBQs.
  45. Dancing classes, local groups for childreb e.g. cubs
  46. Community Centre
  47. The field should be for general use!
  48. A running or cycling club
  49. Introduce a tennis club
  50. Indoor Sports hall (multi-sports)
    Golf Course
  51. Hockey, netball, tennis
  52. Football
  53. Something for under 5s - touch rugby, ball skills.
    Continuation of Christmas/Easter/Summer events
  54. Walking group that is locally based
  55. Youth sports e,g, football, rugby
  56. None a present
  57. Just to maintain existing, e.g. Tennis Nets
  58. General sports events for children of village
  59. A playground suited to older children, eg Gym Machine, zip wire etc).
  60. WI Club, brownies/guides, football