Halvergate Marshes

17. Is there anyone in your household who would be willing to help set up and/or assist in the running of community events and activities, new or otherwise?

  1. Willing to help anywhere needed, especially Arts and Crafts
  2. Activities to improve the natural environment.
  3. Occasional helping out
  4. Seasonal events -> Summertime BBQ perhaps
  5. To be discussed. Youth Group / Arts / Science Study
  6. Sports, Bar, Grounds Keeper
  7. Would like to be involved as and when but cannot give full commitment due to work and shifts
  8. Photography Group
  9. General Stuff, setting up and clearing away
  10. Knit and Chat Group
  11. If there were a community shop we would help.
  12. Possibly - quite happy to help
  13. Support anything in the village
  14. Helping Hand, Walking
  15. We would be willing to do a couple of sessions for coffee mornings.
  16. Childrens activities / shop
  17. Village fete, environment tidy-up sessions, bulb planting etc
  18. Cycling & Walking
  19. I am already involved on thea village hall. Happy to support an internet café / teaching / support
  20. Parish Council
  21. Jumble/Car Boot sales, organising events for OAPs.
  22. Sporting Activies
  23. I have been looking for ladies to play regular netball on the playing field court and will be restarting this soon.
  24. Anything to help improve the village with community projects
  25. Weekends, sports under 5s
  26. Walking Group

Note: Names and numbers have been removed. If you wish to contact someone who has volunteered for something above, please contact the Parish Council for their details.