Halvergate Marshes


You are summoned to the Halvergate Parish Council Meeting at Halvergate Village Hall on Thursday 10th May, 2018.




To consider accepting apologies for absence


Robert More, Tom Carter


To Elect the Chairman


To Elect the Vice Chairman


To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting.


Matters arising from the Minutes:


To record declaration of interest from members in any items to be discussed.


To adjourn the Meeting to allow public participation:


Brian Iles – County Councillor


Grant Nurden’s  - District Councillor


To approve payments to be made as on attached list:



Village Hall Hire                   

Clerk’s Expenses                   

NALC Annual Subscription

CAN Annual Subscription

Zurich Insurance Renewal                 

£  10.00          






To consider the following Planning Applications received:




Items for Discussion:


Annual Accounting Return – Exemption Certificate


Annual Accounting Return – Sign the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18


Annual Accounting Return – Sign the Accounting Statements for 2017/18


GDPR – Internal Data: Identifying & Mitigating Risk


To receive items for next Agenda


Date and time of next Parish Council Meeting.

The web site lists minutes from Parish Council Meetings in the download section and details who your councillors are. Please use the contact us section if you wish to add details of your club or to let us know what you think of the site.


Next Meeting



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19th August 2018 - East Coast Truckers - 26th August
31st July 2018 - Norfolk Police - Online Reporting and Contact
19th April 2018 - Halvergate Annual Open Meeting
19th April 2018 - 2018 External Audit Exemption Certificate

Parish Plan Update

The SAM2 Speed Sign has completed its second month of duty mounted in Marsh Road, opposite the bus stop, pointing towards Sandhole Corner. To see the results please use the new 'Speed Sign' menu item above. For the next four weeks (18th March onwards), the speed sign will be located on Mill Road pointing towards Freethope, to monitor vehicles coming into the village on that road.

Can you help...

The Parish Council are in discussions with the Highways Department at Norfolk County Council with regard to the width of Wickhampton Road between the Dawdy's Court development and the Playingfield. It is well known that the road has been wider in the past but we do not have evidence of the fact. If you have any photographs of that road in days gone by or any other suitable documents could you email Rob Hayles using the Parish Councillors section of the website. Any evidence we can gather can only help with the Parish Councils efforts to make the road safer.