Halvergate Marshes


You are summoned to the Halvergate Parish Council Meeting at Halvergate Village Hall on Thursday 1st March, 2018 at 7.00 pm.


1. To consider accepting apologies for absence
2. To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting.
2.1 Matters arising from the Minutes
2.1.1 Clerk’s Report
3. To record declaration of interest from members in any items to be discussed.
4. To adjourn the Meeting to allow public participation:
4.1 Brian Iles, County Councillor
4.2 Grant Nurden, District Councillor
5. To approve payments to be made as on attached list:
  Village Hall £ 10.00
6. Questionnaires to be completed See below GNDP
7. To consider the following Planning Applications received: None
8. Items for Discussion
8.1 Parish Plan – Speeding through Village / Next Item (Rolling Item)
8.2 Village Hall Roof – Quotes (MM)
8.3 Burial Ground Management - considerations from last meeting (CR)
8.4 SAM2 Rota – finish order of sites & first Data Report
8.5 GNDP – Responses
8.6 Annual Village Meeting / AGM date
8.7 Armistice Day – 100 year Anniversary (RH)
8.8 Coronation Seat (WP)
8.9 Risk Assessment Report for signature (JJ)
8.10 Planning Decision Policy (JJ)
(Rolling Agenda Items…. Wickhampton Road Width Issues / Right of Way, Neighbourhood Plan – as an annual item)
9 To receive items for next Agenda.


Date and time of next Parish Council Meeting.