Halvergate Marshes

Questionnaires separate from the main Household one were made available for young people to give their own opinions. There were two versions – one for those aged 8 -12 years (titled ‘Junior’) and the other for those 13 -17 (‘Youth’). The number of questionnaires returned in total was 36, with 24 from the 8 -12s and 12 from the 13 -17s.

Although this is a reasonable proportion of returns – approximately two-thirds of the young people responding from the households returning the main questionnaire – the total is too small a sample from which any definite conclusions can be drawn as being representative of the young population in the parish as a whole.

However, the information is useful at a ‘qualitative’ level, giving some indication of opinions, activities, issues and ideas.

The respondents were fairly evenly spread by age through both Youth and Junior groups; in the former the Boy / Girl split was 6 / 6 and in the latter 14 / 10.

Place of education attended was, as would be expected, predominantly Acle Academy for the Youth group (nine attending) and for Juniors, Freethorpe Primary (14 attending), plus four going to Acle Academy. Others mentioned were Notre Dame (2) and East Norfolk Sixth Form for the elder group, and in the younger set, six individuals attend six different places – Cantley, Home-school, Jane Austen, Langley, Norwich School and Taverham.


Response to being asked to rate levels of agreement with some statements about living in Halvergate & Tunstall, each ranked by ‘strength of agreement’, are shown as follows:

Table 16 – ‘How much do you agree with the following statements?’ Youth

Table 17 – ‘How much do you agree with the following statements?’ Junior

There is a lot of common ground between the two age groups here. The need for faster Broadband and the belief that the parish is a safe place to live are rated first and second by both; the desire for more to do in the village is indicated with a middling position in each (see section later dealing with this); while there is some concern about speeding traffic and night darkness, this (especially the latter) is more a concern for the Junior group than the Youth.

In terms of what young people actually spend time doing in and around the parish, the ranking for each, based on a ‘frequency of use’ rating and showing the number of mentions, is as follows:

Youth Junior


* There may or may not be some duplication amongst asterisked activities. In any event, Playing Field/Play Sports is the outright ‘winner’ for Juniors; and if the Youth scores are exclusive, then combined some form of ‘Playing Sports’ would become the main activity here also.

The reported level of involvement in Scouting & Guiding activity is very low with, across both Junior and Youth groups: Cubs/Scouts/Explorers 2; Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Rangers 4; and Army/Sea/Air Cadets 1.

The young people were asked if they travel out of the village to attend clubs or other activities. The answer for Youth was ‘Yes’ x 9 and ‘No’ x 3; for Juniors, ‘Yes’ x 21 and ‘No’ x 2. The destinations for these trips Acle (9), Norwich (8) and Freethorpe (8) as the main ones, with 11 other town or village venues listed. Given the age of those under review here and the answer to the specific question put to the 13 -17 age group about how they travelled on these occasions, it is clear the motor car and parent chauffeuring are essential.

Indication that young people feel under-catered for in terms of in-village activities was noted earlier – see Tables 16 & 17 and paragraph after. In answer to the separate direct question ‘Is there enough for you to do near where you live?’ the response was ‘Yes’ x 3 / ‘No’ x 6 for Youth and ‘Yes’ x 10 / ‘No’ x 13 for Juniors.

Respondents who had answered ‘No’ were then invited to write down what other things they would like to be able to do nearby. There were only three from the Youth questionnaires and 13 from the Junior version. The main theme running through these suggestions was ‘More Clubs’ – with the main activities mentioned being Gymnastics, Dance and Arts. The desire for a Swimming Pool was also put forward by a handful of people.

As regards the village’s existing main facilities and services, young people were asked to rate the quality of these. As the figures following demonstrate, there is general satisfaction with the Playing Field and Play Area (actually very positive among the 8-12 age group), an OK/Neutral view of the Village Hall (less popular with the younger group) and as found from the main Household questionnaire, public transport is found wanting.

Table 18 – ‘What do you think about these facilities in the village?’



The ‘Youth’ questionnaire for 13 -17 year olds asked how much they agreed with the idea ‘It would be good if young people had a way to be more involved in decisions about the village (may be some kind of ‘Youth Forum’). Six Strongly Agreed or Agreed, three were Neutral and one Disagreed. Of the nine Agreeing or being Neutral, five declared a willingness to be involved personally.

AND FINALLY…from the Youth and Junior questionnaires.

At the end of each questionnaire the young people were given space to write down any other comments they wished to make or issues they wanted to raise. There was a total of 13 responses (seven from ‘Youth’ and six from ‘Junior’). References to the Bus service account for five of them – obviously an aspect of life important to this group – and two ask for a footpath to the Playing Field.

Given the small response in total there is nothing else really to take into account and even the number of ‘bus’ and ‘footpath’ comments could not claim statistical significance. However, as with the main Household questionnaire, these contributions have not been ignored and are useful in deciding the final list of Actions to be implemented under the Parish Plan.

Issues arising from ‘Young People’

  1. High Speed Broadband important - lobby relevant parties to achieve a.s.a.p.
  2. More to do locally would be welcomed. ‘Clubs’ especially mentioned and possibly more sports encouragement/organisation as ‘playing sports’ is a main activity.
  3. There are some concerns regarding speeding traffic, more for Juniors than Youth
  4. Improved/increased Train and Bus services if possible, especially the latter.
  5. Consider some kind of Youth ‘forum’ or representation on local affairs.


The Pavilion at Halvergate Playing Field