Halvergate Marshes


Red Dot - Location 1: Carr Close
Green Dot - Location 2: Marsh Road
Blue Dot - Location 3: The Street
Yellow Dot - Location 4: Wickhampton Road
Purple Dot - Location 5: Mill Road


Report Details


  1. Vehicle Counts - Shows the number of vehicles detected by the sign at each speed group. A speed group are 5 mile an hour bins. 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 etc.
  2. Average Counts Per Hour - For the week, the number of cars for hour in every 24 hour period is calculated. Then the seven days are averaged together to give an 'Average 24 hour period' for the whole week.
  3. Average Speed Hour - the same as above, but for speed.



85th Percentile - The 85th Percentile Speed is the speed that 85 percent of vehicles do not exceed. Another way of looking at this is that only 15 percent of vehicles go faster than this speed, and 85 percent go at or below this speed.