Halvergate Marshes

The ‘connections’ under consideration are of two types – physical modes of Transport and digital Communications via electronic technology.


As might be expected today, not least in a relatively remote rural location, the most important mode of transport by far is the private Motor Car. It is significantly the majority form of travel to life’s major destinations as shown in the table of responses below. One other reason for the car’s dominance may be the poor opinion of alternative services provided by Bus and Train as shown later.






Table 7 – ‘How do you get to these destinations?’

The one ‘exception’ to the Car as king is the use of Buses for travelling to School or College – which therefore makes it of particular relevance to the younger members of our community.

Looking a little closer into residents’ opinion of Public Transport services there is clearly a lukewarm to poor perception, with ratings Neutral to Poor for Buses and Neutral to Good for Trains. The high proportion of Neutral responses may be a result of a relatively small number of users of these services but for Buses, where we see from the figures above there is a more significant number, the service is undoubtedly unsatisfactory.

Table 8 – ‘How would you rate the service by Bus and Train?’

When asked what changes or improvements they would like to see, virtually all the 21 comments recorded for Buses expressed the desire for more frequent services. This point was not mentioned in anything like the same degree amongst 13 comments on the Train service but a request from some was for a means of transport to get to the rail station in the first place.

Electronic communication

Regarding online connectivity, 90% of the 162 households answering use the internet at home, nearly all of whom have Broadband but of these two-thirds do not think the Broadband service is good enough.

82% of respondents went on to say ‘fast, efficient Broadband’ is Important or Very Important to them.

Among the 155 giving an answer to the question “How good an idea is it for the Halvergate & Tunstall community to have its own website?” there is a clear majority in favour of this: 62% thinking it a Good or Very Good idea, 35% being Neutral and only 2% Disagreeing.

Acle Train SignIssues arising from ‘CONNECTIONS’

  1. Recognise importance of traffic / highway concerns owing to dependence on the Car. (Consider possibility of car and lift sharing scheme.)
  2. Try for improvement to Train and Bus services, especially the latter.
  3. Lobby relevant parties for High Speed Broadband.
  4. Create and maintain a village website; increase digital communication with/between residents. Potentially an important contributor to a sense of community and ‘spirit’.