Halvergate Marshes


As background to a consideration of employment and the local economy, it is worth referring again to the first ‘General Environment’ section of this report where it was shown in Table 1 that the aspect of ‘Availability of employment within acceptable distance’ scored relatively low, coming eighth out of 10 in that group of attributes (and in fact, 46th out of 67 in the total ‘strength of agreement’ ranking list).

From those providing information about ‘work’ via the household questionnaire, excluding those in education, there were 205 working and 121 non-working people. The latter being made up of 105 retired, 10 choosing not to work and 6 seeking employment. Those working had jobs located as follows:

Table 12 ‘Employment locations’

'Elsewhere' included a wide range and distance of some 20 other locations. Two had numbers similar to Lowestoft, namely Gorleston and Reedham.

This is evidence of a very low level of unemployment and a predominantly modern-style, flexible and mobile work force, plus a not insignificant proportion of in-Parish workers (most working from home) and a substantial number of retired people – although this last group, as shown earlier (on page 6 under ‘Local population make up’) is a contingent arising from those who have stayed on living here after working rather being made up of retired incomers.

Economic development locally

Four aspects were explored with ‘Local work opportunities should be encouraged’ having a strong level of support and the three other propositions for economic development on balance also gaining support although at a lower level. See Table 13 as evidence of this trend towards wanting more economic activity in the parish.

Table 13 – ‘How much would you Agree or Disagree with the following?’


The predominant feeling as represented by completers of the questionnaire is that in general more new building would spoil the village and if there were applications, these should be subject to a comprehensive overall strategy/plan for Development and careful control in terms of location and type. Table 14 below shows the full results.

Table 14 – ‘On Housing, how much do you Agree or Disagree with the following statements?’

Issues arising from ‘LOCAL ECONOMY AND HOUSING’

  1. More opportunity to work locally would be welcomed. Implicit in this is the need to encourage visitors / tourists and allow some small-scale commercial / light industrial premises.
  2. New building development is not wanted. Given the above and the way the question was put, this means Housing.
  3. A plan or strategy is needed – or publicised and reinforced if already in existence – so that building development accords with community wishes. Consider production of a Neighbourhood Plan?