Halvergate Marshes

from the main, Household questionnaire responses.

At the end of the questionnaire people were given space to write down any other comments they wished to make or issues they wanted to raise. There were 61 respondents, with most making more than one point, representing a large number and very wide range of comment and opinion with no obvious trends to be summarised here. Some contributions underline the findings presented numerically in the foregoing sections, often adding useful ‘colour’; some offered a new or interesting idea or insight; others clearly expressed strong personal feeling on certain matters.

Although because of such diversity there is no attempt to summarise here, these contributions have not been ignored and are useful in deciding the final content of the list of Action points and tactics to be employed to bring about the parish’s desired objectives.

Where now?


Detailed list of comments:

Nmr Comment
1 Not happy about Kentucky and McDonalds wrappers/boxes being launched out of car windows from Branch Road, through Villand and back road constantly. I leave for work at 7.15am and every Sat morning and Sundat there is rubbish.
Also as a dog owner who picks up and appropriatly disposes of their dogs mess I am appauled at the amount of dog fouling along footpaths throughout the village. A few more £1000 fines should be actually issued then perhaps the perpetrators would clean up after their pets!!!
2 Dog fouling is becoming a big problem on footpaths, verges and public rights of way.
3 If BT are unable to provide faster broadband could the Parish Council and the Broadband Council work together to improve provision with alternative suppliers.
The negligence of some dog owners makes walking around the village and footpath an unpleasant experience. What more can be done to improve the environment?
Thank you for this opportunity to voice our concerns.
4 Occasional Litter Pick
5 Entrance to main road through Halvergate. Banks on corners to be trimmed back to help visibility. Moulton Corner, you had it rightm then blocked it with a bungalow - help!
6 I moved to the village 2.5 years ago and enjoy the peacful quiet lifestyle in the village
7 Like Tunstall the way it is.
Be nice to do some socialising with Tunstall residents with pond as the focal point
8 I've raised issues at Parish Meetings and nothing ever gets done because you are not one of the click. If the council was strong enough a footpath would have bee inplace from Oaklands Close to the main toad which was first asked for in 1978 and don't keep saying NCC haven't had the money when you see what other villages have achieved over the years. Perhaps some of the councillors want to go to spec savers then they will seeo what children and adults have to do when walking down to the bus stop going to school and then on the way home when cars, lorries and tractors come up the road make them get up on the grass verge. Come on start to do something about it before an accident occurs.
9 Whilst I agree that new houses are needed, social housing is not best suited to the village due to lack of transport connections. These are best built in towns and cities nearer ammeneties
10 6th Form at Acle
11 Housing - Halvergate is becoming an eat and sleep village more must be done to help our local people to find housing here. "Please no more Gillett Drive".
Community Spirit - More could be done around the village by the Parish Council to tidy areas, sk for helpers, local farmers have certain machinery which could be used and which would help with costs.
Playing Field - The Parish Council needs to understand what a "Jewel in the Crown" it is. Travelling Norfolk whilst playing cricket we are the envy of most clubs and villages, every help must be given to ensure this beautiful place continues to improve for the good of future generations.
Parish Council - At the AGM please allow an open debate and allow questions to be asked not silenced. It is our right to know as parisherners what organisations are doing. Cut down the amount of time given to Broadland and District Councillers - same rubbish every time
12 Please can we have a service on Memorial Sunday around the War Memorial. I was ashamed of the village last year.
I drive on Branch Road daily, it is becoming increasingly unsafe with the edges of the road falling into the dykes.
Speeding traffic along Bakers Road, where young children live.
13 Acle Academy is going to classed as inadequate but we have no choice here but to send them there. All local children have the right lto a 'Good' education at the very least.
14 A traffic cencus on the Branch Road. It is becoming more dangerous due to the volume of traffic+ the weight of many vehicles that use it. The only way to be safe and not to damage the suspension is to drive in the middle. All the little patch up jobs do not good at all. It's becoming a rat-run. Although extremely inconvinient when road was closed for maintenance on the bridge, the amount of through traffic was significantly reduced.
All farm vehicles should be restricted ti 20 MPH through the village. Its a wonder my house is still standing with the vibrations and the noise is disturbing whilst dangerous speed is not good for the children and pets.
15 We have very much enjoyed living in Tunstall. We didn't really want to move. A very welcoming village to live in.
16 No more housing built for people on benefits alone. Shuold have at least one person in employment.
17 Repairing the Church Wall - Workers in the church-yard seem to think it is OK to flatten down old (stable) gravestones in the name of Health and Safety. Why does this factor not extend to the church wall which seems to be ignored, with no warning notice or fencing. Is the Church not insured to repair the church wall?
Bring back the doctors surgery to Halvergate - Open a drop-in surgery in Acle.
18 Keeping the village conservation area in place and not allowing any form of building/change of use to allow this to be spoilt.
19 Feel it is very important green space is kept as the conservation plan of Halvergate & Tunstall stated.
20 Too many cars on the pavement on the Street and Bakers Road
21 Despite public denial of the situation there is a three way devide within the village, Supporters of the village hall, the Red Lion Pub and the Social Club at the playing field are all very insular. This doesn't lead to an overall "Village Community". Sadly, without a great deal of time and effort, I can't see any way this could be resolved.
Halvergate is a very pleasant place to live overall, with little "pockets" of good neighbours etc, but it can be fragmented by the situation i've described.
22 We created a Halvergate.com when campaigner for Broadband back in the "noughties" - It is, and we have suggested many times, available for wider use in the community. Contact thru "Contact" page on the site.
23 Trees blocking sun light and interfering with TV signal
Shooting - It would be good to know when shooting is happening in the area
Dog mess - I think it’s a shame that people don't bothert to pick their dogs mess as it really spoils the countryside.
24 I have lived in this village for over 10 years and in all that time I have never been contacted or have any idea as to who, when or what goes on at the Parish Council Meetings. There could be a better link between the village residents and the Parish Council. Put the minutes on-line, advertise the fact that something important needs passing/voting on.
25 Cannot download the parish notes. Are they being put onto the internet?
26 Concerned about the future building, particularly areas of open space or too near marshes
Could you not look for volunteers for projects in the village i.e. Litter picking, cleaning pond.
Are trees / hedges monitored / protected?
Side issue, parking aling The Street, cars too close to bend, usually lots of cars under chesnut trees and pavement blocked parking towards Bakers Road
27 The amount of council tax paid is excessive, due to the belief that all it pays for is bin collection. We do not see any other benefits but would like to. i.e. Paths/Pavements, street lighting till midnight, bus services/connections.
Paying additional fees for "Green Waste" collection per year
Do enjoy receiving Parish Newsletter, find this informative and useful.
28 Over developed spaces i.e. Back gardens etc been given planning permission spoiling property for the future.
29 More playing equipment for older children like Upton.
30 Website a good idea as we no longer have a newsletter to know what is going on.
Depending on what shop was selling I would buy more than just for its convinience as I don't drive (my last village shop was my main shop) - Community Shop may be?
Building bungalows for the older generation would help to 'free up' bigger family homes.
Branch Road / A47 junction poor when the verges have grown up abd it is difficult to see past them.
If you live in Halvergate and TUnstall and are able to drive everything is within reach but you are totally 'stuffed' if you rely on public transport and have no car (CommunityBus maybe?)
31 The state of Squires Road is disgraceful. Hedge surrounding Halvergate House is  out of control & when it gets its annual trim cuttings finish up all over the road. Last year it was left until brambles were touching passing traffic.
32 Roads and Traffic - Chapel Road, exit onto Marsh Road is very dangerous as it is a blind spot, and one day there will be a very serious accident there. The council need to get a compulsary purchase of Mr and Mrs Perfect, with the compensation of course and put a footpath betweeco the Red Lion and Chapel Road, and benefit walkers along Marsh Road. Years ago the council done a compulsary purchase off Mr Beck, and put a footpath between Squires Road and Chapel Road.
Housing - The village needs affordable housing for the younger families and bungalows for the older generation. People who have been raised and lived in the village for years, arre havning to move out of the village for more suitable accomodation.
33 If you live in a village you cannot expect schools, doctors, or A&E to be here. Better public transport to Acle would be useful as excellent train links from there.
34 "Neutral" in my case will usually mean "Don’t know" rather than 50:50 opinion
eg. Have no children so cannot comment on childcare position.
35 I think Halvergate is a beautiful part of the country, and adherance to the conservation tatus shncould be maintained as much as possible. I do think a village shop would be a good idea, although parking does seem to cause hazards in other villages (Freethorpe and LingwoodF for example). I'm not sure if housing development should be aligned to any particular target group without understanding people needs. e.g. in the questionnaire it is mentioned about bungalow development for elderly. If you are elferly would you want to move into a bungalow in a village which has very little in the way of facilities? Such as transport, shops, doctors etc. You are reliant on owning a car, or having relatives in the village.
36 We have ticked 'Neutral' for many answers simply because we have no direct experience of the issues concerned e.g. child care facilities or traffic problems due to cricket matches.
A website wkould be a good idea to advertise local evets, especially since the village newsletter has now ceased. It coul dbe updated on a month to month basis and include information on village developments, council meetings, pub quiz etc.
37 Repair the church wall - I suggest removing the wall completely and let the trees have more space! Plant a headge nearer the road as the Church do now own the grass area in front of the wall. Have more burial ground. Selling the bricks would help fund this.
38 Parish notes/information would reach a wider number of villagers if they were also displayed in the village hall, Red Lion and Playing Field Club House
39 Dog poo is an increasing problem on pavements and footpaths in an between villages. Grass verges where people think it acceptable for their dogs to foul is also a problem as very often you are forced to haul yourself and your dog onto the verge to avoid speeding motorists and certain death!!
40 We moved here because we love the space, the quiet and because it is peaceful.
41 Our main concern is the buses. My husband may give up driving in a year or so and with no buses (or two a week) how can myself and daughter get to and from work. Also no bus on a daily basis means how are some elderly people going to get to doctors appointments.
Dogs in Church yard. There are signs about, I find it revolting to find dog mess on a loved ones grave - may be put a camera up.
42 We are very much against any land being sold off in order that affordable housing or any other housing is built in our village. The reason we live in Halvergate is because it is quiet and the conservation order banning any new land being made available for housing development.
43 It is important to maintain the character and appearance of this historic, rural village. Previous, inapprpriate development should not be seen as a precident for flouting the standards required of a conservation area. The village does not have enough services to support further expansion.
44 Create a footpath to Freethorpe by using field perimeters
Footpath along Mill Road to council houses
I understand that the Red Lion is a private business but,
  - Could this provide the village shop?
  - Could this provide a tea shop / café for locals / walkers etc.
Reinstate the walk to the back of the Church
Considerable litter around the village, especially on roadsides near village hall.
45 It would be useful if the Parish Council website was kept up to date, so this could be checked for the latest information on the village.
46 A halt sign Moulton Road / The Street junction.
Plus concealed driveway/entrance - alredy been one unreported accident and several near misses.
47 Would like to see a bus shelter at the bottom of Church Avenue.
School children need shelter in bad weather, also peoplel who go in service bus.
48 More homes could be built here, but I feel people should take more pride in our  village.
Loud and speeding drivers along Moulton Road is a problem
49 I think the village is split into two section. If everyone was to work together it would be much better. There is lots of two faced people who talk about other people business which don't concern them. If that would stop that would make the village a happier one. That is just a fact
We need more your people on the committees i.e. Parish, village hall and playing field.
50 I think that as public we should be allowed to attend and view meetings that surround sucht hings as the village hall committee meetings to see how they are organising what to do with the village hall. These meetings as others that concern public metters should be transparent and open to public scrutiny and not to be held behind closed doors. People should also find it easier to have their say and get involved in these commitees so they are not just run for the people on them but for everyoone.
51 I love living in Halvergate, I feel very supported by my neighbours and enjoy attending various things at the pavilion.
I do feel our bus service could be improved on however, also the presence of a 'Village Bobby' would certainly give some a sense of security.
52 I would like to see a memorial in the village for the USA airman who lost their lives in WW2 on the Marshes (Reedham had one installed at their memorial in 2000).
Also play equipment fenced in for safety as more activity eg Cricket at Pavilion.
Also nice to see a bigger area e.g adult outdoor gymg equipment as they have at Upton. Zip wire fir children, regoular new play equipment to update equipment already there.
53 All of the road surfaces, including Branch Road, Marsh Road and Bakers Road are in extremely poor condition i.e. potholes, bumps and unlevel surfaces.
Consideration needs to be given to icreasing the safety of vehicles exiting the Branch Road onto the A47. This is a very dangerous junction, which is becoming more hazardous due to increased levels of road traffic on the A47 to/from Great Yarmouth/Acle.
Suggestions include
1) Installing safety signs on A47 eg. "Accident Blackspot"
2) Flashing lights to slow speeding drivers.
3) Cross hatching (yellow) on approach to T-Junction to slow vehicles
4) Maximum 40 painted large letters on approach to T-Junction to slow vehicles.
54 I think that this is a good idea however the village would need a significant source of investment and many volunteers to make the ideas work. I do not believe that the Parish Council can influence many of these areas covered (roads, trains, buses, education, health)
The village had a shop and Post Office but there is insufficient trade to support these as a business and a community store would need significant investment and volunteers. The village is quiet in the daytime
Why has cricket been singled out when respondents do not have the opportunity to comment on other clubs or events taking place in the village. Seems to suggest the parish is against cricket but happy for everything else to carry onls without question
I hope that many volunteers ncome forward to follow through the suggestions made
The village has had a functioning website for several years although information to popuate it has not been provided. This should the village in a poor light.
55 It it a shame in a village to have ill feeling between two centres that serves the village. It would be great to see them working together to provide a wide variation of services and activities for the inhabitants to join in. It will promote a better sense of community. All ages and interests need to be considered in a village setting.
56 Volunteers needed to sell poppies door to door
57 Parking on roadside out side of your property when car owners have parking space in their property
58 Scaffolding on Mill on Mill Road has been there for seveal years and spils the view surrounding ths Grade 2 building. Can the Parish Council query this?
59 Most banks and roadsides are covered in litter aound Halvergate, Freethorpe, Wickhampton, Moulton, which is not very attractive for tourists or villagers.
Footpaths around fields geto overgrown in summer and chewed up by horses when wet.
Hedgerows allows to get too long in summer making it dangerous for drivers, walkers and cyclists.
Road repairs need doing urgently.
Apart from refuse collection there is not much to see for the council tax we have to pay.
I do wonder what visitors think when they visit our areas - we do need them.
60 The Parish Website is woefully out of date and the published minutes used to providean interesting read.
The Parish Newsletter is a very good idea and is always well read; many thanks
61 Halvergate is a lovely place to live but needs to keep its current size and not expand with too much building and become a place where people don't know many other.
A website would definitely read more people to tell them what's going on in the village.
It would be nice if more people joined in at village events.
A pub garden and Sunday lunches would really improve the village.