Halvergate Marshes

The Questionnaire covered seven main topic areas derived from eight characteristics that have been developed by governments across Europe to define successful sustainable communities. This report gives each of our topics a chapter of its own – namely, General Environment, Roads & Traffic, Connections, Community, Services, Local Economy & Housing, Democracy & Representation – plus a section dealing with the views given specifically by some Young People, aged 8 to 17.

Each section concludes with a list of the issues arising that are worthy of further consideration and action where appropriate. An Action Plan summary, pulling together all of the identified actions for each section can be found at the end of this document.


First, however, the overall response to how residents feel about living here is worth recording. In reply to the question “Halvergate & Tunstall is a good place to live”, of the 164 answers 94% Strongly Agree or Agree, with 5% Neutral and only 1% (two respondents) Disagreeing. This is solid evidence indeed that on the whole the community is very satisfied and happy with its dwelling place.

Inevitably not everything is thought to be perfect; there are some criticisms and negative opinions along with suggestions for improvements and these are recognised in the following report and action plans. However, it is valuable and encouraging to know there is a strongly positive foundation on which to base decisions about the future.

 Tunstall Church